Toaplan was a popular video game developer that operated between 1984 and 1994. Especially in the shoot-'em-up genre, the company was said to have laid the foundation for vertically scrolling shooter games, and had a great influence on future games as well.

Toaplan is also famous for creating the bomb-based gameplay system that eventually became a staple in shoot-'em-ups, and had a large influence on other vertically scrolling shooters as well. The games developed by the company featured perfectly balanced enemy placement and attack methods, thereby requiring a strategic approach to the gameplay. This led to the company receiving a great deal of support from its fans and it remains a beloved development studio to this very day.


The copyrights for all of the games developed by Toaplan are now owned by Tatsujin Co., Ltd., and can be licensed for release. We have a wide variety of Toaplan content, including their bread-and-butter shooting games, but also games in the action, puzzle, and many other genres. We are always happy to hear from companies that are interested in working with these intellectual properties.


You can see a list of Toaplan's titles from the IP Licensing page on our website. If you wish to work with any of these titles, please contact us via the inquiry form.