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Toaplan's second vertically scrolling sci-fi shooter! This game requires the use of in-depth strategy, both with its gauge-based power-up system that includes a variety of different weapons, and hidden items that are scattered throughout the stages.



Japanese title: SLAP FIGHT

Release 1986
Genre Vertically scrolling shooting
Platforms Arcade
Mega Drive
Mega Drive Mini


Several million years ago, in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, the artificial intelligence known as Goudy was created in order to push the limits of scientific knowledge. However, it somehow turned against its creators, and now its evil influence has reached Earth across a span of 300,000 light years. In an effort to protect the known universe, a lone warrior boards the faster-than-light spacecraft known as Leopold and heads for the planet Helst. A hyper-intense battle against the relentless Goudy is about to unfold...

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with an 8-way joystick, a Shot button, and a Weapon Selection button.
There is a gauge located at the bottom of the screen that includes the following power-ups: Speed, Shot, Side Shot, Power Wing, Bomb, Laser, Homing Missile, and Shield.
When you collect a star-shaped item that appears in the stage, the leftmost square on the gauge will light up.
Each time you acquire one of these stars, the lit portion of the gauge moves one square to the right, and you can switch to whichever weapon you need at a particular moment by pressing the Weapon Selection button.
Once a weapon is equipped, the gauge will no longer be lit up.
If you collect additional stars, the left-most portion of the gauge will light up, allowing you to select new equipment each time you get a star.
Use the Shot button to destroy enemies.
If your ship is hit by enemy fire, it will be destroyed and you will lose a life.
However, you will not lose a life for colliding with enemies.
When you restart after losing a life, all of your power-ups will be reset and you will begin with only the Shot power-up equipped.
The game is over if you lose all of your lives.
The stages continue in a seamless manner, and defeating the boss in the final area completes the first loop of the game.



Stars appear when you destroy certain enemies.
You can select a weapon power-up to equip each time you pick up a star.
1. Speed
Increases the speed of your ship (5 levels).
2. Shot
Your default weapon, it is capable of rapid fire and features decent range.
3. Side Shot
Upgrades your range by allowing you to shoot to the left and right of your ship.
4. Power Wing
Adds Power Wings to your ship that power up your selected weapon (3 levels).
Your Power Wing will be lost if it is hit by enemy fire.
Your weapon's power level will decrease by one level each time a Power Wing is destroyed.
5. Bomb
Shoots a wide-ranging explosive blast that reaches a fair distance.
6. Laser
Shoots a laser from your ship that increases in range if you hold down the button.
7. Homing Missile
Fires homing missiles that track the enemy.
8. Shield
Allows you to deflect up to three enemy bullets for a set period of time. The upgrade ends once you have been hit three times or the time period elapses.

You are unable to equip Shot, Bomb, Laser, and Homing Missile power-ups at the same time.

Depending on the weapon you have equipped, you can cause a secret character to appear by shooting a specific spot on the screen.
If you acquire a certain number of stars with the Shot power-up equipped, an allied ship will appear to help you in battle.
The ally moves in a random manner and continually attacks the enemy with Shot attacks.
The allied ship can also be operated with the Player 2 joystick by holding down the Shot button.
If you are able to advance through the stage on your first life and not fire a single shot until you are destroyed by enemy fire, you will receive bonus points when starting your second life. The number of points earned varies depending on which stage you made it to. You will also restart from that stage with your Homing Missile and Power Wing (3 levels) power-ups activated as well.



This game immerses you in its epic tale! This title is vintage Toaplan, combining a cinematic sci-fi story with exciting vertically scrolling shooter action! Although the graphics in Tiger-Heli were also well-received at the time, this game earned additional praise for its beautiful graphics and use of color, which along with the gameplay, made this game a popular title all over the world. The game was praised for having a "high level of completion" in the Video Game Full List section of a mook (magazine + book) that was published several years after the game's debut in arcades. Although the game lacks a sense of speed or flashy, over-the-top graphics, the finely tuned overall experience provides plenty of intense action for players! The fun yet in-depth gameplay carried over to the home console ports as well, and the game was highly rated in various reader polls and game magazine reviews.