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This large-scale vertically scrolling shooting spectacle features massive characters with bold, detailed graphics, as well as a rocking soundtrack! The ability to perform flashy combo attacks with another player was unprecedented at the time.



Japanese title: Dogyuun

Release 1992
Genre Vertically scrolling shooting
Platforms Arcade
Astro City Mini V


The story takes place on the 104th planet known as Lagoon. The planet serves as the location of the headquarters for the International Defense Forces, which are a collection of each country's national defense organizations. Here, a special army has been formed in order to respond to the threat of alien invasion, which could happen at any moment. The army was given the name ISM and was designed by the International Defense Forces to utilize the latest advances in military technology. Suddenly, the ISM receives emergency dispatch orders from headquarters. “We've received reports of an urgent situation developing on the planetary colony of Dyno! Prepare to mobilize at once!“ With all communications with the base cut off, a squadron of the newly deployed variable fighters known as Sylfer set out to investigate. What happened to the beautiful planetary colony on Dyno... Upon the squadron's arrival, they found the base had become a sort of nest for a group of mysterious mechanical lifeforms. “Let's return to base. It's too dangerous to investigate any further.“ “Wait a minute... We should be able to obtain some intel on the Center Police soon. There are many of our friends still trapped inside.“ “Fine, but we can't let ourselves be discovered by the aliens. Make it quick!“ “Okay... I found them!“ Suddenly! Kyle's reconnaissance plane is seized by a large enemy robot and immediately destroyed. “Kyle!“ Now, a desperate counterattack against the enemy forces is about to begin...

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with an 8-way joystick, and uses the A button to shoot, the B button to fire a bomb or speed up, and the C button to merge with an enemy ship.
With two player co-op play, it is also possible for another player to join mid-game.
Use the Shot and Bomb buttons to destroy enemies.
If your ship is hit by enemy fire, certain attacks, or collides with an airborne enemy, it will be destroyed and you will lose a life.
You will not lose a life for colliding with enemies located on land, although certain ground-based attacks can destroy your ship.
When you restart after losing a life, you will lose all of your equipped parts.
The game is over if you lose all of your lives.
There are a total of ten stages.


Shot switching items

Shot switching items

These appear when you destroy certain airborne targets.
They change in color from blue → purple → green → red, and the type of shot you get changes according to the color of the item when you acquire it.
If you pick up an item that is the same color as your equipped shot type, you will receive 5,000 points instead.

Blue: Mega Shot

Blue: Mega Shot

Fires a laser straight ahead of your ship.
If you have additional attachments on your ship, they will fire lasers as well.

Purple: Psycho Beam

Purple: Psycho Beam

Fires an arc-shaped beam in front of your ship.
It gives priority to tracking ground-based objects.

Green: V Laser

Green: V Laser

Fires a lightning bolt-like laser in two directions in front of your ship.

Red: Homing Fire

Red: Homing Fire

Fires a beam in front of your ship that tracks enemies while refracting at right angles.
It gives priority to tracking airborne enemies.

Bomb item

“Bomb“ item

These appear when you destroy certain airborne targets.
If you equip it to your ship, you can fire a single bomb with the B button.
The bomb's blast destroys enemy bullets and also inflicts heavy damage to any enemies caught within the explosion.
When you fire a bomb, you will lose your additional parts.
If you press the C button while a bomb is equipped, it will detach behind you.
You can reacquire detached parts by touching them.
You are unable to equip speed-boosting items at the same time as a bomb.

Speed-boosting item

Speed-boosting item

These appear when you destroy certain airborne targets.
If you equip it to your ship, attachments will be added to the left and right sides of your ship, and you can move at increased speed while holding down the B button.
The attachments can also block bullets from certain enemies an infinite number of times.
If you press the C button while a speed-boosting item is equipped, it will detach behind you.
You can reacquire detached parts by touching them.
You are unable to equip bombs at the same time as a speed-boosting item.

"1UP" item

“1UP“ item

These appear when you defeat certain enemies with a specific kind of shot.
Pick it up to receive an extra life.


Press the C button to fire a Prisoner Beam behind your ship, enabling you to seize hold of certain enemies.
The larger the enemy, the more the speed of your ship will decrease.
You will earn points for as long as the enemy is captured, and you can also use the enemy as a shield, allowing you to deflect an enemy bullet for one time only. Once the captured enemy has deflected an enemy bullet, it will be destroyed.
You can also merge with another player's ship when playing a two-player game by pressing the C button.
The controls are assigned to the player who pressed the C button. You can cancel the merger if either player presses the C button.

When you defeat certain bosses with specific shots, a hidden item will appear that is either worth 100,000 points or gives you an extra life.
If you get the extra life, the hidden item will no longer appear.



With its solemn and powerful graphics, huge bosses, and the massive robot battle during the final stage, the game plays like a rock video! As you can tell from the title, this is no ordinary game, which you'll find out once you play it for yourself. This is quite possibly the most rock and roll shooting game of all time! Although the title is known for its extreme difficulty, it's also said that the groove players find themselves in while playing it is incredibly addictive. The game even released a promotional video at an arcade game exhibition show, which had the crowd rocking before the game was even released! It's just like the tagline says... “For all you warriors seeking excitement...“ This is the ultimate in rage-based shooting action!