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This vertically scrolling shooter features plenty of strategic gameplay elements as well as a gauge-based power-up system— the key to success is to use the proper weapons for each particular stage and encounter. The futuristic setting also provided players with plenty of high-tech thrills.



Japanese title: V•V (V Five)

Release 1993
Genre Vertically scrolling shooting
Platforms Arcade
Astro City Mini V
Mega Drive


Long ago, most video games simply switched between 2D and 3D viewpoints, and even a technology called virtual reality was developed, but none of them were able to satisfy the demands of gamers. Eventually, in the year 2210, the ultimate arcade game was created in response to this demand. It went by the name “Grind Stormer“. It was no longer a game to be played, but rather a surreal experience in which players actually entered the game world and experienced live combat for themselves. The fifth selection in the game's menu was known as V-V, which stood for V Five. This extreme challenge forced players to risk their lives in order to clear the stage and return to the real world. Your ship, NA-00, was developed using the latest technology and was made specifically for the game. Its specs were far superior to those of any existing fighter craft. It utilized a device known as “WINGs“, which were immune to all kinds of attacks due to being physically located in a completely different dimension. You can freely control the ship to adjust your attack range and capability, and due to the dimensional distortion caused by the WINGs when they come into contact with each other, you can use “Shot“ to fire bullets that are several times more powerful than regular bullets. You can also use “Search“ to enable the WINGs to seek out enemy lifeforms and continuously attack them until they are destroyed. And finally, you can use “Missile“ to fire missiles that generate a powerful magnetic field via nuclear fusion when the missiles come into contact with fuel from the enemy ships, thereby inflicting even more damage. Although there have been many players who used these three weapons and the WINGs to take on the challenge, no one has ever successfully completed the game and managed to return to the real world. One day, a young man inserts a coin into the machine. He is a secret agent working for an intelligence agency that has been sent by the government. His mission is to investigate the true purpose of V-V. “Is this really just a mere game? If not, then what is V-V's real purpose?“ As he presses the start button, the speakers blare out the starting signal... "It's showtime!" Yet another young individual has been downloaded into the world of V-V...

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with an 8-way joystick, a Shot button, and a Gauge Selection button.
Your ship is fitted with small attachments known as WINGs from the start of the game.
There is a gauge located at the bottom of the screen that includes the following power-ups: Speed Up, Shot, Search, Missile, Power, and Shield.
When you collect a diamond-shaped item that appears in the stage, the leftmost square on the gauge will light up.
Each time you acquire one of these items, the lit portion of the gauge moves one square to the right, and you can switch to whichever weapon you need at a particular moment by pressing the Weapon Selection button.
Once the weapon is equipped, the gauge will no longer be lit up.
If you collect additional items, the leftmost portion of the gauge will light up, allowing you to select new equipment each time you get one.
These diamonds appear when you destroy certain enemies.
You can hold down the Shot button for continuous fire.
Power up your ship in order to destroy the enemies.
If your ship is hit by enemy fire or collides with an airborne enemy, it will be destroyed and you will lose a life.
You will not lose a life for colliding with enemies located on land.
When you restart after losing a life, your power-ups will be reset and you will begin with only the Shot power-up equipped and your gauge will be empty.
The game is over if you lose all of your lives.
There are a total of six stages, and the game ends when you clear the six stages on the second loop.




These appear when you defeat certain enemies.
You can select a weapon power-up to equip each time you pick one up.
1. Speed Up
Increases the speed of your ship (4 levels).
Once you reach the maximum speed, the effect changes to Speed Down, and decreases your speed by one level.
2. Shot
This weapon is your standard equipment and is capable of rapid fire. You can move your WINGs by moving the joystick up and down, and pressing the Shot button will fix the WINGs in place.
When firing in front of your ship, the WINGs will also shoot in the direction that they are facing.
Placing the WINGs in front of your ship will boost the power of your forward-facing shots.
3. Search
The WINGs will track enemies and fire near the enemy's frontside.
Each WING can only pursue a single target.
It will continue its pursuit until the target is destroyed or leaves the game screen.
If there are no enemies to pursue, the WINGs will revolve around your ship and attack in an upward direction.
Your ship will fire a shot capable of continuous fire in an upward direction.
4. Missile
The WINGs will follow your movement and fire missiles in an upward direction on the screen.
The missiles deal considerable damage and will explode upon contact with an enemy, and the blast can also damage nearby enemies.
When you release the Shot button, the WINGs will gather near your ship.
Your ship will fire a shot capable of continuous fire in an upward direction.
5. Power
Powers up your shots when equipped (4 levels).
When you reach the third level, you will deploy four WINGs.
6. Shield
Equips a shield that is capable of deflecting a single enemy bullet.
The shield will disappear once it is struck.

You are unable to equip Shot, Search, or Missile while using the Shield.

Full-power capsule

These appear when you meet certain conditions.
If you pick one up, your ship will become fully powered up and you will receive 100,000 points.

Special full-power capsule

These appear when you use Continue to resume playing the game after dying.
If you pick one up, your ship will become fully powered up.

Scoring panel

These appear when you destroy certain enemies or use Shot to attack specific enemies.
You will earn bonus points for each one that you pick up. The number of points differs for each panel type.


These appear when you meet certain conditions.
Pick it up to receive an extra life.



Like in ALCON (Slap Fight), this game allows you to select your favorite weapon by acquiring items and progressing through an equipment gauge. Holding down the button enables rapid fire, providing players with the thrilling rush of attacking the enemy! The soundtrack's tempo motivates players, while the graphics and backgrounds differ from the usual Toaplan style, helping to draw players into the world of V-V!
As the main character presses the start button, the speakers blare out the starting signal... “It's showtime!“
Yet another young individual has been downloaded into the world of V-V...
In fact, that person just might be you...