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This vertically scrolling run and gun game features highly detailed graphics and a gripping soundtrack. Various traps take advantage of the land-based setting and the game's creative direction helps deliver serious heart-pounding action.



Japanese title: OUT ZONE

Release 1990
Genre Vertically scrolling run and gun game
Platforms Arcade
Astro City Mini V


As its developments in space progressed, mankind formed an alliance with other planetary lifeforms in order to form the expanded Galactic Alliance. At the same time, mankind suffered numerous invasions from various alien species, but each time, they banded together and managed to emerge victorious. However, in the year 2095 AD, aliens from the planet Owagira invaded Earth with a much stronger military force than the humans possessed. Before long, humanity finds itself in danger of extinction. Suddenly, a message is sent to the United Nations from one of the Galactic Alliance's elder members. It states that there is an elite mercenary unit that can be found in the unaffiliated region known as Out Zone that lies on the edge of the Milky Way. They have often appeared in legends told throughout the galaxy and are known for taking on jobs across the far reaches of space. In one last attempt at salvation, the United Nations spends the last of the Earth's funds in order to ask the unit for help. Meanwhile, within the unit are two powerful cyborg warriors who hail from Earth. Upon hearing of the crisis facing their home planet, the two of them decide to take action.

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with an 8-way joystick, a Shot button, and a Bomb button.
Use the Shot and Bomb buttons to destroy enemies.
You will lose a life if your character is hit by an enemy attack or collides with certain enemies, falls into a hole, or is trapped by obstacles in the stage.
An energy gauge is displayed at the top of the screen, and your character's energy is depleted over time.
If all of your energy is lost, you will be incapacitated and lose a life.
You can recover some energy by picking up certain items.
When you restart after losing a life, your power-ups will be reset and you will begin with full energy, an omnidirectional shot, and three bombs.
The game is over if you lose all of your lives.
There are a total of seven stages.


"P" item

“P“ item

Pick this up to power up your shots (3 levels).
If you pick one up when you are fully powered up, you will receive 5,000 points instead.

"B" item

“B“ item

Pick this up to add one bomb to your inventory.
You can hold up to 10 bombs, and you will receive 5,000 points for each additional one that you pick up when your inventory is full.

"E" item

“E“ item

Pick this up to restore some of your energy.
You will recover all of your energy after completing a stage.

"C" item

“C“ item

Pick this up to change your weapon.
You can switch between an omnidirectional shot and a three-way shot.
The omnidirectional shot lets you fire continuously in whichever way you move the joystick.
The three-way shot fires three ways in an upward direction.

"SP" item

“SP“ item

This gives you various special effects.
- Red
Gives you an extra life.
- White
Provides a shield that protects you one time from enemy bullets and other attacks.
The shield will disappear once it is struck. - Blue
Increases the speed of your character by 50% (1 level).
- Green
Increases the upper limit of the energy gauge, and restores all of your energy (1 level).
- Yellow
Changes your shot to a Super Burner Shot.
This shot shoots flames a set distance in the direction you move the joystick.
You can hold down the Shot button for a continuous burst of flame that inflicts considerable damage.
- Peach
Changes your shot to a Super Ball Shot.
You can hold down the Shot button to make the ball revolve around your character.
The ball-shaped weapon pierces enemies and obstacles and can inflict a large amount of damage.
When you release the button, the ball will fire straight upwards from your character on the screen.

There are also hidden characters located in certain areas.
Some of them can earn you a large number of bonus points.



The setting, graphics, sound, gameplay, and everything else about the game are perfectly matched! The game is an action shooter where you attack and defeat enemies as your cyborg character walks around the freely scrolling stage. This made it quite different from aerial shoot-'em-ups. Even still, the essence of what makes a Toaplan game still shines through in this title. The game has many passionate fans even today, proving that the game was a hit both in Japan and overseas. Many players thought the main cyborg character was super cool, but were surprised to learn that one of the game's characters also appears in another Toaplan shooter...