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This comical action game delivers nonstop excitement. Every time players clear a stage, a picture of a scantily clad woman is gradually revealed, encouraging them to see each stage through to the end.

Pipi & Bibi's

フーピー ドッキンダイナマイト‼-01
フーピー ドッキンダイナマイト‼-02
フーピー ドッキンダイナマイト‼-01
フーピー ドッキンダイナマイト‼-02

Japanese title: WHOOPEE!!

Release 1992
Genre Horizontally fixed-screen action
Platforms Arcade

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with a 4-way joystick, a Shredder Beam button, and a "Gal Cancel" button.
You clear stages by planting bombs in specific locations throughout the stage before escaping to safety.
By continuing to hit the enemies with the Shredder Beam, you can drop them down one floor.
If you are hit by an enemy attack or collide with an enemy, you will lose a life.
You will also lose a life if you are hit by a bomb blast.
The game is over if you lose all of your lives.
There are a total of 24 stages.



These appear somewhere in the stage after completing the required conditions.
If you acquire it, the bonus screen after clearing a stage will be different.



Although its content is rather simple, the game's cute characters and heart-racing soundtrack proved to be an addictive combination. The cute and sexy girls on the bonus screen eagerly wait to welcome players after each stage. There are a total of six girls, all of them beauties. Since its arrival, the game has developed quite the following overseas, with players hooked on the fun nature of the game and continuing to play it even today. The greatest reason for its popularity is likely due to its simple yet deep gameplay. In fact, it feels like the return of Pipi & Bibis could be close at hand...