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Although it varied from their usual output, this title was classic Toaplan. The side-scrolling beat 'em up features intense, up-close-and-personal brawling action. The characters' rich backstories and detailed graphics serve as a potent one-two punch to gamers everywhere!



Japanese title: KNUCKLE BASH

Release 1993
Genre Side-scrolling action
Platforms Arcade


The "Mad Bull Group" is the largest professional wrestling organization in the world. Michael Sobut, Jack Blow, and El Plancha are among the organization's star wrestlers. However, the organization is actually just a front for a powerful criminal enterprise. Upon learning the truth about their employer, the wrestlers set out to tear down the corrupt organization and free pro-wrestling from its evil influence.

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with an 8-way joystick, and the A and B buttons.
Before starting the game, you must choose between two different stories: "Fierce Battle of the Four Mad Bulls!!" or "Off to destroy the Bull Group!!"
No matter which story you choose, you proceed to the story you didn't select from Stage 5, and then work your way to the final stage.
You are able to select your playable character during the game.
The game features a health gauge, and the gauge is depleted as you take damage from your opponent's attacks.
You can restore your health gauge by participating in bonus stages that can be played between stages.
You will lose a life if your health gauge is completely emptied.
When you restart after losing a life, you will begin with a full health gauge.
The game is over if you lose all of your lives.
There are a total of ten stages, and the game ends when you clear all of them.

Use the A button to attack, and the B button to Jump.
You can also perform moves by using the joystick and buttons in various combinations.

Repeatedly tap the A button
The type of your attack changes automatically to things like punches and chops, allowing you to perform combos.

Attack with the A button while jumping
You can perform attacks with increased range, such as jumping kicks.

Left/right on the joystick + press the A and B buttons simultaneously
Perform a sliding attack that can take down the enemy.

Hold down the A button
Allows you to block enemy attacks.

Grapple attack
You will automatically grab an enemy if you get close to them.
While grabbing an enemy, you can perform a grapple attack by pressing the A button and leaving the joystick in a neutral position.
You can also throw the enemy by moving the joystick to the left or right and pressing the A button.
You are also able to damage other enemies by throwing an enemy into them.

Press the A and B buttons at the same time and rotate the joystick to perform your character's signature move.
You can also damage any other enemies that are caught up in the attack.
Using your finisher consumes the health gauge.

There are various objects in the stages that can be destroyed by attacking them to earn points.



"I'm ready for battle!" This is what players feel when they pick up this Toaplan action fighting game! The game creates an interesting blend of muscular characters straight out of a comic book and a dramatic storyline. The bonus screen that appears after each stage lets you know exactly why the game is called Knuckle Bash! Although the game features a wide variety of moves such as punches, jumps, sliding attacks, low kicks, and throws, nothing feels better than pressing the A and B buttons to perform your character's signature move. Each character has their own unique finisher, so you'll definitely want to see them all! However, considering that the finisher also consumes some of your health gauge, knowing just when to use it will be the ultimate test of your wrestling skills.