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The sheer rush of using a bomb to clear away all of the falling puzzle pieces is classic Toaplan! The industrial techno beat was also impossible to forget. The game was highly addictive, making it clear why the Japanese title referred to it as a "brainwashing" game!


洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-01
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-02
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-03
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-04
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-01
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-02
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-03
洗脳ゲーム TEKI・PAKI-04

Japanese title: 洗脳ゲーム Teki・Paki

Release 1991
Genre Horizontally Puzzle
Platforms Arcade
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

Controls & How to Play

The game is played with a 3-way joystick (left/down/right), and a Rotate Block button.
In the game, three red, blue, yellow, green, orange, or purple blocks appear randomly from the top of the screen in an L-shaped pattern.
After a short amount of time has passed, the blocks will begin to fall and will stop when they reach the bottom of the screen or land on top of another block, upon which the next block will begin falling.
Move the joystick sideways to move the block left or right, and move the joystick down to make the block drop faster.


Use the Rotate Block button to rotate the block to the left and place the block in a desired location. You can clear blocks by lining up five blocks of the same color in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line.
The level increases after meeting certain conditions, and once enough time has passed, the interval between blocks dropping will be reduced. Silver blocks are added when you reach Level 70, and gold blocks are added upon reaching Level 100.
The game is over if the blocks reach the top of the screen.


Bomb block

Bomb block

One of the three blocks will be a bomb block if certain conditions are met.
If you link five bomb blocks in a row, it wipes out all of the blocks on the screen and you will be given 100,000 points.

Smiley block

Smiley block

One of the three blocks will be a smiley block if certain conditions are met.
Smiley blocks can be linked with any other kind of block.

You will earn bonus points based on how many blocks you clear at one time.
You also get bonus points for clearing silver or gold blocks.



The weighty, inorganic graphics were unique to the genre, and the mechanical and urgent sounding soundtrack paired well with the thrilling gameplay, making for a perfect match! That's why the Japanese title for the game refers to being brainwashed, due to its addictive nature. This "brainwashing" puzzle game could only be brought to you by Toaplan. The rules were rather simple by puzzle game standards, which made the game popular with beginners, and earned the game praise from a wide variety of gamers. Play a game of Teki Paki and experience the mind-blowing gameplay for yourself!